What is TendyTrainer?

TendyTrainer is a VR app made for goalies to refine their skills in VR space. The goal of TendyTrainer is to provide the most realistic off-ice training environment possible. It is designed to build good habits that directly translate to the ice.

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Practice Save Selections

You can choose where shots go (example: high glove or low blocker), and the shot speed (easy, normal, or hard). Or you can go with total random shots.

Realistic Shooter

All shots you face are created with animations from real shooters.

Puck perspective replays

After a shot, you can watch the replay from the puck's perspective. This is great for seeing your positioning and what holes were there.

Customizable Settings

You can adjust where the shooter is and if they should move. Both normal and righty modes are supported.

Puck Tracking and Head Trajectory

Improving these take reps. Lots of reps. With TendyTrainer, you'll never be limited by ice time.

Made with Love

The creators of TendyTrainer love stopping pucks, and we want you to also. We want you to enjoy this as much as we did making it.

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Get it from the Itch Store

We're currently in the process of publishing TendyTrainer to the Oculus Store.

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